Navigating a simpler path through business

Navigating a simpler path through business

If your DRC company is getting lost amongst admin and accounting, there’s help out there


TI Africa staff at work in the boardroom


Every year, the Jumping International de Lubumbashi competition (JIL) takes place at the headquarters of the Horse Club of Lubumbashi (CHL). It’s a big event, both for those associated with the club and the wider equestrian industry from around the Democratic Republic of Congo. It also attracts international riders from around the globe and around 10,000 spectators, who watch the action in the CHL stadium.

As for the competition itself, taking part requires a huge amount of accuracy, efficiency and vigilance, which is why TI Africa make the perfect sponsors for the event, as these are values at the forefront of all their business practices.

TI Africa is an all-inclusive management service, working with companies from all around the DRC, who they help to steer through the often-complex world of business through a range of services. These include: global management and back office work; accounting, tax, auditing and business consulting; management and administration of human resources, and; job placement.

Essentially, TI Africa’s mission is to support their clients and partners by taking care of all those frustrating administrative tasks that many smaller businesses just aren’t primed for, but have to complete anyway. TI Africa takes care of these requirements in a professional manner, providing first-rate global administrative management solutions for companies in the DRC and across Africa – all at a competitive price, of course.

This could include secretarial work, use of the TI Africa offices for receiving correspondence, and – crucially – providing expert legal and tax advice to make running a business simpler. Simply do what your business does best and leave the difficult legal and taxation elements up to experts who known how to manage the situation, much like the showjumpers at the JIL competition know how to manage their time in their spotlight.

To put it another way, the headline objective for TI Africa is always to look after their clients’ legal interests, whether that’s providing a team of lawyers, overseeing staff management and administration, registering your company in the DRC or sorting your company’s accounting and taxation queries – and saving you a huge chunk of time and stress by doing so.

As busy as things are, the company does also find the time to act as a Silver Sponsor for Jumping International de Lubumbashi every year, giving out medals to the winners.

That’s in addition to sponsoring the annual Kinshasa Golf Open – a fitting event, since the sport once again requires plenty of precision, planning and patience, much like all of TI Africa’s day-to-day operations.

Afterwards, though, it’s back to the office, because there’s always work to be done and clients to assist – and it’s this work ethic that got TI Africa to where they are now.

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