Ecobank: playing the long-term game

Ecobank: playing the long-term game

Africa’s largest banking group is assisting new generations of footballers and artists to help create A Better Africa



In partnership with Ecobank

Africa’s creative industries generate over four billion US Dollars annually and employ over two million people across the continent. Impressive standalone figures, but when examined in comparison to more than two trillion US Dollars generated annually from the wider creative industry around the globe, it’s clear there’s much more waiting to be tapped into.

Similarly, the sports sector in Africa accounts for a mere 0.5% of the continent’s GDP, approximately three trillion US Dollars. Both sectors are brimming with possibilities, poised to contribute significantly to Africa’s economic growth. However, they need robust support to fully flourish.

Ecobank, the largest Pan-African Banking Group, with its vision to drive economic growth and financial integration, is willing to tap into the potential of these industries and to play an important part in their growth. With a network that spans over 35 countries, Ecobank has the local knowledge of its market and a pan-African expertise that gives a substantial advantage to help nurture African creative and sport industries.

To provide an exceptional experience to billions of African passionate about football, Ecobank proudly sponsored the Total Energies African Cup of Nations Côte d’Ivoire 2023. As the continent’s biggest and most prestigious football tournament, the Total Energies African Cup of Nations Côte d’Ivoire 2023 attracts billions of viewers across the globe, each edition signalling a fantastic milestone for African sport. As a key partner of the tournament (an edition which garnered over three billion views), Ecobank’s sponsorship was a way to directly support African sporting talents, digitalise local SMEs and reaffirm its pan-African purpose through a well-timed brand campaign launch: “A Better Way|A Better Africa”. In fact, Ecobank’s sponsoring of the Tournament’s Best Goalkeeper award demonstrates that when it comes to sports and creativity, Africa is in safe hands.

The creative sector has also seen significant backing from Ecobank. Earlier in 2024, its Nigerian affiliate partnered with Africa Finance Corporation for an art fair dubbed +234 Art Fair. The event was a 10-day exhibition that showcased works from young and ungalleried Nigerian artists, ranging from thought-provoking sculpture and eye-opening photography to countless bold paintings and drawings. The fair had as its overarching goal, the nurturing of Nigeria’s burgeoning art industry through a platform to support emerging artists and encourage increased interest in art acquisition. Tens of thousands of people visited the fair over the 10 days, all hosted at Ecobank Pan-African Center in Lagos. This was also a valuable opportunity for Ecobank to work with other African brands, such as Trace, Malimbe, Vanguard and Leadway.

These initiatives highlight Ecobank’s unwavering commitment to its pan-African values and its mission to drive progress across the continent. By supporting creative and sporting endeavours, Ecobank is not only fostering economic growth but also enriching the cultural and social fabric of Africa.

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