The best places to go surfing in Dakar

The best places to go surfing in Dakar

These Senegalese surf spots have had wave reviews


La Cabane du Surfeur cafe in Dakar, Senegal/ Image: Alamy

Ricci Shryock

Ricci is an American photographer working and living in Senegal. Her clients include the United Nations, The New York Times and The New Yorker.

It might not yet have reached the acclaims of Hawaii and Australia, but Senegal is becoming a new surfing hotspot thanks to its sunny climes, laidback atmosphere, and beautiful water. Its peninsula location, too, means it has beaches that provide access to both north- and south-facing coasts, producing a wide variety of waves. Here are our top five places to surf in Dakar.

Image: Dave Imms

Ngor Island

Surf history buffs can hop a boat for two minutes from the mainland and find themselves on Ngor Island, home of the NGor Right wave, made famous in Endless Summer and recommended for more experienced surfers.

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Located in Almadies, the waves here are known to be powerful, fast and fun. It is also said to be best surf spot for experienced surfers. There are sharp rocks at the bottom of this location, and the swells come in a variety of sizes.

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An ideal spot for beginners, this combination beach-break location has smaller waves and fewer rocks than other local beaches. There are also shack-style restaurants to refresh yourself after a long workout in the waves.

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Yoff Beach

The longest, smoothest stretch of beach in Dakar, Yoff is great for beginners because there are no rocks or reefs. Malika Surf Camp is here, and women grill out fresh fish and serve cold sodas just meters from the water.

Image: Dave Imms

Image: Dave Imms

Secret Spot

One of the first and most famous spots for local surfers, this small beach is perfect for surfers of all experience levels. There are more rocks here than in Yoff, however, so be prepared.